Take back your holiday season. Oly Holiday List can Help!

Holiday fatigue is real! Big box stores have been pushing holiday decorations for months now and the holiday hunger games are getting closer. If your looking for a break from this, it's safe to say Olympia's coffee culture is booming.

Don’t leave your digital self with no will!

Who has the time to complete a will? Should I just write down all my assets? What will happen with my online accounts? In our fast moving society, it can be hard to find the head space to compile an asset list and reflect on there destination.

Understanding Social Security Disability Programs

In order to qualify, you must meet the disability requirements, unable to be gainfully employed and qualify for a Social Security program. To be deemed disabled, your impairments are expected to last a minimum of 12 months. To decide if you are disabled Social Security uses a five step process (explained here). Understanding your entitlement will make sure you receive the largest monthly amount possible.